GBSR Attorneys (Gilbert, Bird, Sharpes & Robinson) is pleased to announce on behalf of its client, the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke, that the Supreme Court of Virginia has refused to hear the appeal of the near-by property owners who have brought numerous lawsuits against the Center over various zoning issues. In their appeal, these property owners claimed that the Circuit Court of Roanoke County erred when it found that they lacked standing to bring the lawsuit against the Center. Jim Gilbert, lead counsel for the Center during the litigation, and the attorneys for Roanoke County (which was also named a defendant in the litigation) filed a brief in opposition to the appeal stating that the near-by property owners lacked standing and that their efforts were mere attempts to shut down the operations of the Center. The Supreme Court of Virginia recently entered an Order stating that there was no reversible error in the Circuit Court’s finding that the neighbors did not have standing to bring the lawsuit. While this is certainly a win for the Center, ongoing litigation is still pending related to other claims made by the same neighbors.